Why Should I Hire a Professional to Do My Carpet Cleaning?

carpetbeforeafterNobody likes wearing dirty clothes for obvious reasons, but the carpet in your home or office also comes into contact with your skin on a daily basis. Carpets naturally attract dirt, bacteria, pet dander, and a variety of other allergens that could have an effect on your health.

While daily vacuuming and do-it-yourself cleaning methods can help, as time goes by carpets will still become damaged from dirt and grease tracked in from outside, and from oily soil from cooking vapors. This slow dulling of carpet colors and fiber damage can go largely unnoticed because it accumulates over a period of weeks and months. Usually, people are amazed to see how much brighter their carpet looks after a professional cleaning.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Company will Keep Your Carpet Like New

The advantage to hiring a professional carpet cleaning company for regular appointments is because they have the equipment and know-how to ensure the job is done right. Regular carpet cleaning will not only add to the lifespan of your carpet, but it will promote lasting health in your home or workplace.

At JRCC, our highly skilled technicians go through a rigorous training process with our equipment and specially formulated cleaners, ensuring that you get the best results possible on your carpet. All varieties of carpet demand correct application methods, and this is another reason why it ultimately pays to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do your dirty work.

Untrained carpet cleaners using a self-cleaning machine can potentially get the carpet too wet to the point where extra drying is needed. This can result in unnecessary hassle for a homeowner and lost wages for a business owner when carpets need a prolonged period of time to dry. Worse, permanent damage to the carpet can be incurred after an incorrect cleaning.

What Do the Carpet Experts Recommend for Cleaning?
Carpet cleaning company

carpetCleaning carpet professionally isn’t something that has to be done every month. In fact, regular carpet vacuuming can go a long way toward keeping your carpet clean. Professional carpet and flooring manufacturers agree that cleaning should be done every 12 to 18 months, and the area should stay well ventilated for 24 hours after cleaning.

It is also recommended that carpet be cleaned by a professional company with a hot water extraction system. Also called “steam-cleaning,” this process will refresh carpet texture and keep it looking brighter and fresher for a longer period of time.

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