Don’t Waste a Second if You Have Water Damage

gymfloorDamage from water, usually caused by a flood in a home or commercial building, can lead to an expensive cleanup if you don’t take action immediately. If you have water damage from a flood you need help from professionals that can help you mitigate the damage as much as possible?

If you’ve experienced a flood and have damage from water, you need to contact us immediately. At JRCC we offer 24 Hour Emergency Service by calling (888) 765-4138.

The faster you call our team of water damage professionals, the sooner we can help you restore your home or commercial structure. When building materials are left in contact with water, damage becomes more widespread and destructive. After being exposed to water, wood will immediately begin to warp and swell. Prolonged exposure to water will cause damage like decomposition and delamination. Damage from water will also cause black mold that could threaten your health.

Our goal is to mitigate damages from water by drying your structure, minimizing instability, and lowering humidity so that microbal growth doesn’t have a chance to develop. Not many people have a plan for water emergencies caused by flooding, so let the professionals at JRCC handle the emergency on your behalf.

Water Damage

What Our Water Damage Experts Can Do for Your Home

Coming home to a flood of water is never welcome and while most home owner’s insurance policies cover water losses, it is still your responsibility to minimize the extent of the water damage in whatever way you can. If you experience a flood in your home, you can start mitigating the damage from water immediately by doing the following:

  • Turn off electricity to flooded areas immediately
  • Turn off all water
  • Call JRCC at any time of day or night

The water damage restoration professionals at JRCC will act quickly to get your home restored, while working directly with your insurance company to help get your life back on track. We will immediately start getting the water out of your home to avoid further damage, using modern techniques to get it completely dry.

Don’t Let Damage from Water Derail your Business

For a business suffering from damage from water and flooding, time is also of the essence. Down time means lost wages, and with more than 30 years in the flood damage profession, we know that your business needs fast action if it’s going to stay above water.

Our mobile trailers can be on site in hours, and our 24 hour service means that damage can be minimized by calling our office at the first sign of water. Our goal is to get your business operational as quickly as possible, mitigating the damage from water and flooding with help from our team of technicians.

Avoid further damage from water by calling us now at (888) 765-4138