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Water Damage Restoration in Weneatchee, WA

Very few things can damage a home or commercial space faster and more completely than water. The longer water makes contact with the structures, materials and contents of your property, the more damage it delivers. Water can dissolve walls, buckle floors, and decompose wood. Glues, binders, and resins in many building products are water-soluble, so underlayment, paint, tiles and fabrics can all be ruined in seconds. Worse, materials that are enclosed in walls or under carpets, like insulation and padding, can become saturated. With no way to evaporate the water, the materials will support the explosive growth of biological hazards like mold, mildew, and bacteria. Water can also distribute biological contaminants to virtually every corner of your space.

For this reason, it’s critical that you contact a professional water damage restoration company at once if you sustain water damage at your home or business. JRCC has been the leading water damage restoration company in Wenatchee, Washington since 1985.Our staff of water mitigation experts are trained to limit water damage and restore your property to its previous condition.

We offer 24/7 emergency response services and can be onsite within a few hours to begin the process of drying and stabilizing your commercial or residential property. Whether it's a small overflow of clean water, a backed-up sewer drain or flooding, you can depend on the professionals at JRCC. We have the expertise to handle any water damage issues you may experience, regardless of the size of the property or the scope of the damage.

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Emergency Water Extraction
  • Thorough and Quick Structural Drying
  • Direct Insurance Billing and Insurance Claim Assistance
  • Licensed and Certified Experts
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
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About Wenatchee, WA

Wenatchee, Washington is a vibrant community located in the Cascade Range's rain shadow. One of Wenatchee's most treasured gems is the Apple Capital Loop Trail, a scenic 10-mile path that encircles the Columbia River, offering refreshing views and a tranquil setting for cyclists, runners, and walkers.

Another place of interest is the Pybus Public Market, offering local produce, artisanal crafts, and lively eateries that showcase the region's agricultural richness, particularly its famous apples. For those seeking serenity in nature, the Ohme Gardens provide lush greenery and alpine water features, offering a peaceful retreat with sweeping views of the Wenatchee Valley.

The local weather patterns play an integral role in defining Wenatchee's spirited community events. Summers sizzle under clear skies, perfect for waterfront activities or enjoying the local markets and festivals. The renowned Apple Blossom Festival is a Wenatchee favorite each spring with vibrant parades and carnival festivities, while the Wenatchee Valley Fourth of July Celebration entertains visitors with spectacular fireworks reflected in the Columbia River. As autumn brings more temperate weather, the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival honors the return of the salmon and their important role in the local ecosystem.

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Water Damage Restoration Services We Provide in Wenatchee, WA

At JRCC, we provide comprehensive water damage restoration services for commercial and residential properties in Wenatchee. Our services include:

  • Shoring, tarping, and board-ups
  • Water extraction
  • Structural drying
  • Moisture monitoring and drying verification
  • Humidity control
  • Debris removal
  • Pump outs
  • Pack-ups and storage
  • Odor control and deodorization
  • Carpet extraction and cleaning
  • Repairs and reconstruction
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Water Remediation Trailer and Equipment
Water Drying and Extraction

Common Causes of Water Damage

There are a variety of potential causes of water damage. Some of the most common include:

  • Storm Damage - Severe storms can bring large quantities of water that can seep into your home or business through damage to your roof or any other openings on the outer structure of your property.
  • Flash Floods - When storms hit your area, water levels can rise rapidly, resulting in flash floods that will bring large quantities of water into your property.
  • Poor Plumbing Maintenance - Neglecting important plumbing maintenance tasks can cause clogs that may result in toilets, sinks, and bathtubs overflowing.
  • Pipes & Supply Line Leaks - Over time, your pipes can begin deteriorating. Eventually, this corrosion can cause your pipes to burst, flooding your property with water. This is especially common in buildings with old plumbing systems. In addition, leaky pipes can cause significant damage over time as water gradually and continuously seeps into walls and floors.
  • Frozen Pipes - During the cold winter weather in Ellensburg, poorly insulated pipes may freeze. This will cause the water inside your frozen pipes to expand and damage the water lines, causing slow leaks or, in some instances, significant flooding of your property.
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24/7 Damage Restoration Services In Ellensburg

What to Do After Water Damage

Water damage is among the most difficult disasters for a homeowner or a business owner. Flowing water can rise quickly. Depending on where it's coming from, you may not be able to divert the water, but that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do.

The first step should always be to contact JRCC. Our team provides 24/7 emergency response services for homeowners and business owners in Wenatchee, and we will arrive any time of the day or night to start the process of restoring your property. We’ll work directly with your insurance company too.

There are also actions you can take to mitigate the damage while you wait for our team to arrive. If you experience water damage of any kind in your home or commercial space, take the following steps immediately:

  • Turn off the water to the affected area, if possible. If the water damage is caused by a broken “clean water” pipe, close the nearest shutoff valve. If you don’t have a nearby shutoff valve or if it’s not working, you can shut off the water at the meter by closing the main valve. If you’re unable to turn off the water on your own, contact a professional who can assist with this important task.
  • If you can safely access your electrical panel, turn off all electricity to the affected area. If you cannot safely access the master electrical panel due to the water damage, leave the area immediately.
  • Use a mop, bucket, and towels to get rid of as much excess water as you can.
  • Prop up all wet upholstery cushions so they can begin to dry.
  • Place wood blocks or aluminum foil underneath furniture legs to separate them from wet carpeting.
  • Take any important documents, valuable objects, electronic devices, paintings and other sensitive items located in wet areas and move them to a dry place where they won’t be damaged.
  • Hang leather items separately at room temperature.

For your safety, keep the following best practices in mind when trying to secure your property while you wait for our team to arrive:

  • Stay out of areas containing circuit breakers, electrical outlets, or electrical equipment that has been exposed to water to avoid electrical shock.
  • Don’t use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate water from carpeting since this can lead to electrical shock.
  • Stay out of rooms where water damage has caused ceilings to sag.
  • Don’t use any fans, lights, or other ceiling fixtures in rooms with a wet ceiling.
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Our Water Damage Restoration Process in Wenatchee, WA

At JRCC, our team of fully licensed and insured water damage restoration professionals use a meticulous process based on industry best practices to address any issues caused by water damage and restore your property to its original condition as soon as possible. This process involves the following critical steps:

  • Identify the Water Source - When we arrive at your property, our team will identify and stop the water source causing damage to your home or business. This may involve shutting off the water supply or making temporary repairs to prevent additional water from storms or floods from entering your property.
  • Extraction - Our team uses the most advanced water extraction equipment to remove all water from the property. During this process, we’ll prepare all damp building materials for drying. In cases where water has permanently damaged these materials, we’ll remove them to prevent additional damage to your property.
  • Drying - Once we’ve removed all standing water and wet materials, our team will use powerful fans and industrial-grade dehumidifiers to thoroughly dry your property. During this process, moisture monitors are used to monitor all progress.
  • Cleaning, Deodorizing, Disinfecting - Our water damage technicians use specialized products, state-of-the-art equipment, and proven techniques to clean, deodorize, and disinfect any areas of your property that have been impacted by water damage. This includes personal belongings and furniture in addition to structural elements of the building.
  • Mold remediation - Damp environments provide an ideal setting for mold to grow. If we detect any mold at your property, our team will perform all necessary mold remediation services to eliminate the mold and prevent regrowth.
  • Repairs & Reconstruction - Once your home or business has been properly dried and cleaned, our team will perform all repairs and reconstruction work necessary to restore your property to its pre-damaged condition. This can potentially involve installing new insulation and drywall, replacing damaged floors, and any other repairs needed.

In most instances, water damage restoration will be covered by insurance. Our team has extensive experience navigating the insurance process, and we’ll handle all communications with your insurance company to ensure a quick and efficient claims process.

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Water Damage Restoration FAQs

What is water damage restoration?

Water damage restoration is a professional service that focuses on cleaning up, repairing, and restoring areas of your property that have been damaged by water. This process not only addresses the visible effects of water damage such as pooled water, but also the more insidious issues like structural weakening and mold growth. Professional water damage restoration companies such as JRCC deliver a comprehensive approach that includes water removal, dehumidifying, sanitizing, and reconstruction to bring your space back to, or even improve upon, its pre-damage condition.

What do water damage restoration companies do?

Water damage restoration companies specialize in mitigating the consequences of water damage and promoting a swift and thorough recovery of affected areas. Their services encompass a full spectrum of solutions which include emergency response, water extraction, drying out wet materials, cleaning, disinfecting, mold remediation and restoring materials or areas damaged by water. They use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure that even the hidden signs of water damage are identified and addressed to prevent further damage and potential health risks.

How much does water damage restoration cost?

The cost of water damage restoration can vary widely based on several factors, including the extent of the damage, the size of the affected area, the type of water involved (clean water, gray water, or black water), the complexity of repairs, and local labor rates. It's essential to get an in-depth assessment and quote from a professional water damage restoration company for an accurate estimate of costs to repair your specific property. In most instances, water damage restoration services will be covered by your insurance company, so you should be able to afford these important repairs even on a limited budget.

How long does water damage restoration take?

The length of time it takes to complete water damage restoration depends on the severity of the damage, the areas affected, and the thoroughness of the restoration process. Minor damage might be resolved within a few days, while extensive water damage requiring significant repairs may take weeks or even months to complete. When you work with JRCC, our team will outline a detailed plan and timeline after assessing the damage to set realistic expectations.

What is water damage remediation?

Water damage remediation is a term often used interchangeably with water damage restoration, and it refers to the series of actions taken to address the effects of water damage. This includes immediate steps to stop the source of water, remove the water, and dry out the affected materials, followed by sanitizing and repairing any damage to the building's structure and interior. The goal of water damage remediation is to restore the space to a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing state while preventing future damage through proper mitigation techniques.

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Trust JRCC for Emergency Restoration Services in Ellensburg

JRCC is the industry leader for storm, fire and water damage restoration services in Ellensburg and the surrounding areas of Washington. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality service and will take prompt action to restore your property to its previous condition.

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