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Pets During Restoration

You’ve experienced a fire or water damage in your home.  Your house is still standing, everyone is safe, and restoration is underway.  Don’t forget about your furry (or scaly or feathery) companions. Do you know what to do with your pets in the event of a loss in your h...
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Things Your Insurance Agent Didn't Tell You

Most homeowners and renters know they need to have insurance coverage.  Unfortunately, most don’t know what their policy covers or doesn’t cover as is usually the case.  From drainage issues to mold to who is responsible for the extra utility bills during the loss, many insured...
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basement flooding

Sump Pump It Up

Do you know about your sump pump and its importance in your home? And do you know if you’re covered by your insurance if you run into issues with your sump pump?If you live in a home that is on any foundation other than a slab, you should have at least one sump pump and possibly more depen...
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flood from wash machine

When Appliances Attack

When Appliances AttackThe washing machine is leaking! The dishwasher has overflowed! The icemaker is spewing water across the kitchen! Walking into your home or business to see water covering the floor can be a truly horrific experience, but it doesn’t have to be.  Knowing...
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What Makes a Good Restoration Company?

What Makes a Good Restoration Company? A good restoration company provides professional restoration services to residential and commercial properties. Services may include repairing or restoring property damage related to fire, smoke, or water. Trusted restoration companies unders...
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