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Mold Remediation

Water can do a lot of harm to building interiors and their contents, but drying the affected area doesn't always stop the damage. Lingering moisture forms the ideal environment for mold and mildew growth. Many different molds can be present in a home or business, but a few strains of mold like Stachybotryschartarum and Stachybotryschlorohalonata – black mold – can cause serious, lasting health issues.

Mold Removal in Washington

When black mold grows, it consumes the organic material it finds. Targets include wood flooring and trim, sub-flooring, studs, joists and rafters. It can also affect plaster, drywall, carpeting, insulation, and furniture. As the mold feeds, it releases spores into the air. Airborne spores can lodge in ductwork, which distributes the spores around the interior space.

When inhaled, the spores can cause a variety of respiratory and allergic responses in people who already have respiratory problems like COPD and asthma. Unfortunately, it can also cause problems for healthy people with no previous medical histories. Prolonged exposure to toxic black mold can cause internal bleeding and damage to critical organs, including the lungs and brain.

Because mold releases airborne spores, removing the visible mold will not solve a black mold problem. Just Right Cleaning and Construction's trained mold remediation specialists will safely remove materials that have been contaminated by black mold growth. They will also clean and neutralize the remaining spores to prevent regrowth and eliminate the source of respiratory and health issues in your space.

Mold Remediation in Washington

Not every mold that's black in color is "black mold," but actual black mold requires specialized remediation by trained technicians. Trained mold remediation professionals will contain and remove the mold and restore an interior space properly, eliminating black mold spores as a hazard to human health.

If you have mold growth in your home, please do not attempt to remove it yourself. DIY mold remediation can spread black mold spores to other parts of the space. Rather than addressing the problem, this ensures that the mold growth will continue.

JRCC offers a comprehensive mold inspection service that can determine whether the mold you see in your space is toxic or benign. By using special equipment, our trained technicians will provide a complete analysis of the mold growth to determine the extent of the damage and the type of remediation that's required.

Don't live in fear of the mold in your home, and don't attempt to remediate mold growth on your own. Trust the restoration and cleaning professionals at Just Right Cleaning and Construction for all of your mold remediation needs.
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